AWWA Cybersecurity in the Water Sector Workshop


AWWA Cybersecurity in the Water Sector Workshop
Wednesday, April 3 from 1-5 pm

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. No additional fee. Approved for 4-hours TCEQ water and wastewater hours.

This workshop demonstrates the most advanced program providing the end user guidance and examples necessary to use the AWWA Cybersecurity Guidance and Use-Case Tool. The workshop (seminar) consists of five modules that focus on (1) drivers for Cybersecurity Risk Management, (2) how to select the applicable use cases, (3) how the controls generated by the use cases are derived from the standards (4) application of the Cybersecurity Use-Case Tool on a sample system architecture and (5) how to implement the recommended controls to improve security on the control system by developing a customized cybersecurity improvement plan.

Registrants are requested to bring their own laptops to the training.

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