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Exhibiting at Texas Water


2020 has spurred innovation in a variety of industries, and virtual conferences have evolved significantly in just the last few months. When it comes to virtual exhibitor opportunities, things have really come a long way. We’re proud to announce the new features that will be available for ALL virtual booths in our redesigned virtual exhibit hall (image at right is example of a "Virtual Exhibit Hall" for the platform that will be used by Texas WaterTM 2021 - Virtual). The booths will include:

  • Full company profile with logo and contact info, along with links to your social media as well as your website
  • Up to four (4) “Online Product Showcases” to highlight your unique offerings.
  • Up to four (4) press releases to help you get the message out about what’s going on with your organization.
  • Up to four (4) “Document Uploads” so attendees have something to take away from their experience with your virtual booth.
  • Up to four (4) videos to provide attendees with ample information about your products and services.
  • Five (5) booth staff included per booth (with access to the virtual conference)
Since we’re all still adjusting to the idea of “Virtual Conferences”, we wanted to avoid the idea of trying to sell different features and amenities in an a la carte fashion. Instead we’re offering one standard option for your virtual booth that includes all the features the system will allow. You can use as many of the options as you desire, with no need to purchase any “add-ons” to enhance your booth. (image at right is an example of a "virtual exhibit booth" for Texas WaterTM 2021 - Virtual)
While the usual price for a standard booth is $1500, we’re pricing this virtual exhibiting opportunity at only $1000. And as a thank you to those who participated with us at Texas WaterTM 2020 – Virtual, booths will be further reduced for those companies to $850.

In addition to the aforementioned lower price, Texas WaterTM 2020 – Virtual taught us a lot about the other aspects vendors are looking for in a virtual exhibiting opportunity:
  • Access – We know you want to be able to directly engage and communicate with our attendees. Texas WaterTM 2021 virtual exhibiting will offer you direct connection to all our participants via chat and live video communication. You’ll be able to see individuals attending the virtual event and connect with them in real time.
  • Analytics – Obtaining useful data is key to guaranteeing return on investment for your virtual exhibiting experience. To that end, we’ve made sure that you’ll be able to get reports on who accessed your booth and what features they engaged with. This is in addition to full lead retrieval services that will be offered at no additional cost. And as a first this year, we will be providing a full attendee list with associated email addresses for those attendees who consent to having that information shared.
  • Attendance – All the virtual bells and whistles in the world are of no use if people don’t choose to attend the virtual show. With that in mind, we’ve designed numerous incentive features to entice attendees to both attend the conference and participate with your virtual exhibit booth.

As in previous years, those who choose to exhibit this year will receive one point in our exhibitor priority system to provide more opportunities when registering for future Texas Water shows.

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