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Accurate Meter & Supply - Booth 304        
The All-New AML PRO™ & AML+™ Series “All Material Locators” are scientific instruments that
utilize modulated, ultra-high radio frequencies to find differences in subsurface densities.
This offers the best method for locating PVC & PE pipes and nearly any other subsurface
object that has an edge. Utilizing technology that was developed for lunar exploration,
the AML will locate subsurface materials indiscriminately - plastic, metal, wood, cable
or pipe. Unlike the deficiencies of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), the AML will work in
clay, wet soil, snow or even standing water. Redesigned specifically for the utility, water,
gas and cable industries, the AML allows professionals to locate objects faster, while
maximizing job efficiency.
Product Sales Contact Information
Accurate Meter & Supply
Eric Kruppa

Accurate Meter & Supply - Booth 304        
E-Series Ultrasonic Meter
The E-Series® Ultrasonic meter uses solid-state technology in
a compact, tamper protected, weatherproof and UV-resistant
housing, suitable for commercial applications. Electronic metering
provides information—such as rate of flow and status and alarm
indication—and data not typically available through traditional,
mechanical meters and registers. Electronic metering minimizes
measurement errors due to sand, suspended particles and
pressure fluctuations.
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Accurate Meter & Supply
Caleb Burson

Accurate Meter & Supply - Booth 304        
E-Series Ultrasonic Plus Meter
The E-Series® Ultrasonic Plus meter uses solid-state ultrasonic
transit time technology to measure cold potable water and
incorporates an integrated valve into the lay length of the meter.
The integrated valve allows remote flow restriction of water service
in residential utility applications.

Authorized utility personnel can actuate the valve via a command
sent from BEACON® AMA (Advance Metering Analytics) to an
ORION® Cellular LTE-M endpoint connected to the meter.

BEACON AMA displays the status of the valve (open, partial or
closed) and upon a command to transition the valve, confirms the
success of that actuation. Status of the valve is also indicated on
the physical meter via a position-indicating LED.
Product Sales Contact Information
Accurate Meter & Supply
Caleb Burson

Acrison, Inc. - Booth 1221        
Model 821 Bulk Bag Unloader
Acrison's new Model 821 Bulk Bag Unloader achieves positive product discharge by means of regulated vibration uniformly applied to the body of the unloader, and in turn, to the bulk bag itself. Untying the spout of a full bag is now a completely clean process due to Acrison's "Bag Spout Untie Receptacle", which utilizes a manual iris valve to keep the bag closed while the operator unties the spout. Once the access hatch of the untie receptacle is closed and sealed shut, the iris valve is opened, and chemical flows out of the bag to the feeder below. An optional back rack with automatic bag tensioner will lift up on the bag straps as material discharges from the bulk bag, further enhancing material flow. The Model 821 can be used with Acrison's full line of volumetric and weight-loss feeders, wetting cones, and dissolving tank equipment, to provide a complete feed system, fully manufactured by Acrison.
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Acrison, Inc.
Joe Krudys

Advanced Process - Booth 625        
Siemens LR 100 Series Radar Level Transmitter
Siemens new LR 100 Series 80 Ghz. Compact Radar Level Transmitter
Product Sales Contact Information
Advanced Process
Brett Kolaja

Advanced Process - Booth 625        
Aeration Industries Universal Mounting Bracket
Universal mounting bracket for Aeration Industries Triton 2.0 process aerator and mixers used in wastewater aeration basins, SBRs, oxidation ditches, digesters and EQ basins
Product Sales Contact Information
Advanced Process
Brett Kolaja

Aqua Texas - Booth 1047        
Fair Market Value
The Texas Legislature recently passed a law establishing a valuation process that enables municipalities and other utility owners to receive fair market value for their water and wastewater systems. That could mean an increase in the value of its systems
that can be converted into much-needed revenue for community priorities. Fair Market Value (FMV) is a great new tool that may be just what is needed at this critical time for critical infrastructure.
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Aqua Texas
Terry Franks

Aqua-Zyme Disposal Systems - Booth 1834        
Dewatering Equipment
Affordable Waste solutions!
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Casey Kile

Asahi/America, Inc. - Booth 610        
Asahi/America Introduces the Type-21a SST Ball Valve for Precision Flow Control
Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technologies, introduces the Type-21a Seat Support Technology (SST) flow control ball valve. This true union ball valve offers all of the robust elements of the Type-21 and the ability to precisely control flow.

Available in 1/2” through 2”, the SST ball valve features a precision-machined PVC ball with center provisions to support PTFE seats from zero to 100 percent of capable flow. The Type-21a SST ball valve produces equal percentage flow characteristics for fine throttling. The valve requires directional installation and comes equipped with a flow direction label.

Manually operated SST ball valves include a zero-to-100-degrees indicator plate and an indicator line on the handle, which doubles as a carrier adjustment tool. An ISO 5211 top flange bolt pattern and integrally molded base pad for panel mounting are standard on all Type-21a SST ball valves, and the valve body is PVC with either EPDM or FKM O-rings.

Socket, threaded and flanged end connections are all offered for the SST ball valve, and additional options include electric or pneumatic actuation with 4-20mA control, stem extension, and 2” square operating nut.

About Asahi
Asahi/America is the premier provider of thermoplastic fluid flow solutions for industrial, environmental and commercial applications. Asahi’s valves, actuators and piping systems have been installed with confidence for over 40 years in a variety of industries including water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, water parks and aquariums, landfills, semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical processing.

The company maintains machine and assembly shops, as well as an extensive custom fabrication department in its Lawrence, MA headquarters, and provides customers with on-site consultation, supervision and training.

For more information about Asahi/America products and services, please contact us: 655 Andover Street, Lawrence, MA 01843; 800-343-3618;;
Product Sales Contact Information
Asahi/America, Inc.
Mark Monroe

BECK, Harold & Sons, Inc. - Booth 1611        
Group 57 Rotary Valve Actuator - Explosion Proof Valve Actuator with DC Power Options
The Group 57 valve actuators are a great choice for valve actuation in remote, hazardous environments. In addition to running on AC power, the group 57 units are also DC powered electric actuators, explosion proof and therefore perfect for situations where explosive gases are present. These valve actuators reset to a fail-safe position during power outages and are great for low power environments such as a gas pipeline using solar power, batteries and fuel cells. Built with your need for flexibility in mind, Beck reliability standards and a rugged construction design for harsh environments.
Product Sales Contact Information
BECK Actuators
Jay Tannan

BECK, Harold & Sons, Inc. - Booth 1611        
Group 11 Quarter-Turn Rotary Actuators
Beck actuators are durable and dependable
• Over 80 years of proven performance
• No burn-out motor
• Unlimited modulation
• No torque switches
• No thermal overloads
• No worm gears
• No lithium batteries for electronics
• Positioning steps as small as 0.10 degrees
• No recommended periodic maintenance
Product Sales Contact Information
BECK Actuators
Jay Tannan

Boerger LLC - Booth 1248        
Vertical Multicrusher
Eliminate downtime with the Börger Multicrusher – an effective, widely applicable twin shaft grinder for processing debris including wood, wet wipes, plastics, textiles, etc. For very confined space conditions, the NEW vertically installed Multicrusher is a great space-saving option! The back pull out design allows for easy maintenance of the blades, gear unit and drive.
Product Sales Contact Information
Boerger, LLC
Todd Rigby

Brentwood Industries - Booth 1321        
ChainCheck™ Pin and Flight Monitoring
ChainCheck Pin and Flight Monitoring is the latest evolution in our SmartGuard Collector Monitoring System.
- Monitors flight misalignment
- Monitors system cycle count for component replacement
- Monitors flight alignment without mechanical sensors
- Home point monitor counts revolutions for predictive maintenance

Brentwood Industries is represented by WWaterTech, Inc. - A leading water and wastewater technology resource for Texas and Oklahoma. You may contact them directly at (936) 372-5272 or
Product Sales Contact Information
Brentwood Industries
Rodrigo Lara

Brentwood Industries - Booth 1321        
GritShield™ Barrel Wrap for Collector Chain
GritShield barrel wrap for collector chain combats grit, reducing barrel wear and extending chain and sprocket life. It is made of durable 301 SS for high grit conditions and is available in 316 SS for highly caustic conditions.
- Hardened stainless-steel sleeve contiguously wraps around each individual barrel
- Band rotates on barrel as it articulates the sprocket, removing grit, sand, and other coarse materials from the sprocket tooth
- Resists abrasion and corrosion
- Compatible with standard Polychem Cast Nylon Sprockets

Brentwood Industries is represented by WWaterTech, Inc. - A leading water and wastewater technology resource for Texas and Oklahoma. You may contact them directly at (936) 372-5272 or
Product Sales Contact Information
Brentwood Industries
Rodrigo Lara

Burgess & Niple, Inc. - Booth 1919        
We Are B&N
B&N has provided quality engineering, practical solutions and reliable infrastructure to communities throughout Texas for over 40 years. Staffed with some of the most experienced civil engineering professionals in the state, B&N develops innovative water and wastewater solutions for Texas communities from concept through construction.

Established in 1912, B&N is a full-service engineering firm with nearly 400 professionals located in 23 offices and 10 states. Our Texas Region was established in 1975 and includes six offices with highly trained staff who deliver a wide range of general civil engineering projects, including utility infrastructure, transportation, environmental and land development. Our Texas offices are located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Midland and San Antonio.
Product Sales Contact Information
Burgess & Niple, Inc.
Dr. Steve Sanders, PE

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