WEAT Operations Challenge 2020

Attendee Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Ops Challenge Competition Chair at jlsober@garverusa.com.

PAYMENT: A team entry fee of $500 for each four member team plus a coach is required.

A team entry fee of $600 for each five member team plus a coach is required.


Team Member/Captain Shirt Size [REQUIRED]
Team Member 2 Name [REQUIRED]

Team Member 2 Day Phone # [REQUIRED]

Team Member 2 Email [REQUIRED]

Team Member 2 Shirt Size [REQUIRED]
Team Member 3 Name [REQUIRED]

Team Member 3 Day Phone # [REQUIRED]

Team Member 3 Email [REQUIRED]

Team Member 3 Shirt Size [REQUIRED]
Team Member 4 Name [REQUIRED]

Team Member 4 Day Phone # [REQUIRED]

Team Member 4 Email [REQUIRED]

Team Member 4 Shirt Size [REQUIRED]
Optional Coach Designation: Name

The individual below is designated as "coach" and will receive all mailings sent to the Captain.

Optional Coach Designation: Address/City/State/Zip

Optional Coach Designation: Day Phone #

Optional Coach Designation: Email

Optional Coach Designation: Shirt Size
Team Member 5 Name

Team Member 5 Day Phone #

Team Member 5 Email

Team Member 5 Shirt Size

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