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Texas WaterTM 2020 - Virtual will give attendees an expanded opportunity to learn with the presentation of posters. The posters give authors the opportunity to display their research topics and to share the information they discovered.

A Beginner’s Guide to Chloramine Booster Facility Design
Catharine Turner, Garver

Asset Overload! How Houston is Using Strategic Asset Management to Overhaul Wastewater Facilities Management
Keith O’Connor, KIT Professionals

Best Practices for a Successful Control System Factory Acceptance Test
Kamran Khan, Carollo Engineers

Between a Lake and a Hard Place: Improving Existing and Future Conditions in Fort Worth’s Primary Wastewater Basin
Olivia Kerss, Freese and Nichols

Dynamic Duo: Integrating Capacity and Risk in a Prioritized Approach to CIP Planning
Ethan Shires, Freese and Nichols

Estimate of Long-Term Water Availability for a Reservoir in Texas Using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach
John Zhu, Texas Water Development Board

How One Utility is Breaking the Closed Loop Recycle w/o Losing Water
Gail Charles, Arcadis

How the CMAR Project Delivery Method Helped Keller Replace Its Largest Pump Station During a Tight Winter Shutdown Window (a.k.a. Car Engine Replacement While Driving)
Ryan Opgenorth, Freese and Nichols

Impacts of Atlas 14 Rainfall Data for Hydrologic Watershed Assessment of Drainage Structures Along the US 67 Transportation Corridor in West Texas
Ellyn Weimer, CDM Smith

Innovative and Cost-Effective Approach to Solving Sludge Issue – A Case Study on City of Houston’s Water Purification Plant
Vinoth Manoharan, AECOM

Patch My Worn Out Jeans, ‘Cause I’m Going to Cow Town
Patrick Lackey, Trihydro

Preventing Explosions: Spark-Resistant Fans in Wastewater Hazardous Locations
Samantha Smallwood, Freese and Nichols

Re-Inspection Drives Decision Intelligence for Condition Assessment
Stacie Sandmann, Xylem Inc

The Future of Water & Wastewater Process Automation
Amanda Thompson, Siemens Industry Inc

Thinking Small: Solving Big Flooding Issues with Microdetention
Allison Wood, Huitt-Zollars

The Key to Sustainable Improvements in Developing Countries is not Better Engineering, it is Empowerment of People! (PDF)
Jacob Niemeier, Vera Aqua Vera Vita

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